Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

Just recently someone had said this to me… So I wanted to share with you all!

Quick answer: They’re not!

Most of the time wedding flowers seem expensive because, in comparison to what you’ve ever sent at a grocery store or on a holiday, they are! But what you’re paying for with wedding flowers is a product and a service. You’re paying for the flowers themselves and the labor to design, transport and deliver or install the flowers.

The blooms are expensive themselves! The flowers used in the weddings are premium, perfect blooms, usually ranging from $2-$7 per stem wholesale.

All the high end flowers like garden roses, ranunculus, and those wonderful peonies, the cary a hefty price tag. And no florist worth their while will gauge you on the price for no reason.

Just as every couple has their own stories, flowers have a very special and unique story of their own.

Whether you choose the most traditional wedding flower, the rose, a flower that, depending on color, symbolizes passion(red), joy and admiration(pink) or you go for a bit of flair with Ranunculus, a flower that screams "I am dazzled by your charm," your flower selection will tell a story that even the unfamiliar onlooker will pick up on without a single word spoken.

Here a just a few of the top most popular wedding flowers and their meaning:

  • Tulip- "consuming love" and "happy years"

  • Lilac- "loves first emotions"

  • Hydrangea- "perseverance" and "heartfelt emotion"

  • Peony- "happy marriage, love and ambition"

  • Gardenia- "joy" and "purity"

  • Iris- "faith, valor and wisdom"

  • Lavender- "devotion and virtue"

Here's to choosing a wedding flower that will symbolize the love and bond between each couple and will begin a tale they will remember and cherish for a lifetime!