Originating in Pensacola Beach, Florida, Your Dream Beach Wedding is dedicated to creating the most memorable wedding experiences at nationally recognized beaches known for being both beautiful and family-friendly. Another famous extension of the Gulf Coast community is the Navy’s Blue Angels Airshow. Locals are able to see them practicing weekly from Destin, Florida all the way to Mobile, Alabama. 


One gamble with producing outdoor events and especially here on the Gulf Coast that Your Dream Beach Wedding has come to acknowledge is that of the weather. With no control over this detail on wedding days, Your Dream Beach Wedding accommodates to the best of their ability working around the unfavorable weather for a seamless occasion. 


During a recent wedding, although the weather was unpleasant and the bride unsure of the timing of the event, the rare occasion that occurred was one of fate. Waiting through the rain and finally catching a clear moment for photographs, someone spotted in the distance the nationally recognized Blue Angels practicing for their airshow. What a lucky moment for the newlyweds!

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