Make Your Wedding Dream Come True!


First off, congratulations on deciding to get married! Gulf Shores is just the perfect place for a destination wedding. Deep blue seas, sandy white beaches, sprawling gowns, impeccably dressed guests and a cake to top it all off. Your big day is going to be memorably perfect. 


However, before you proceed, there are some things you need to know. There are the public beaches that are located inside the State Park and then, there are the private beaches located in front of the private beach houses, condos and hotels. If you want to rent a beach house for your wedding you have to make sure that having a wedding there is allowed. That's right. You need to have prior permission from the property owner.


How do you proceed now? Go to the professionals! An insured and certified wedding planner can provide you with an excellent spot which has already been assigned to him/her. The spot that Your Dream Beach Wedding has managed to acquire from the State Park is the Beach Pavilion. This is the most stunning spot that you could hope for. If you do manage to get a beach house, we will do what is convenient for you. 


Once again, congratulations!

Savana and Jason’s Beach Wedding

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