Most couples crave to have an intimate wedding experience that can be shared with their loved ones. Beach locations can provide this luxury for the bride, groom, and the few family members who usually attend. Deciding the best beach for your wedding can be a challenge, with endless beach wedding venues available.

Absolutely nothing could be more romantic than that. And guess what! You can have a dream beach wedding on a budget with these few simple tips and tricks.

Watch Your Budget

The first thing that you want to do when planning a beach wedding is to establish a budget for all expenses. Setting a budget first and sticking to it, can limit countless hours of search. If you know what you can and can't afford, you can save yourself time by looking at beach locations that you can work with; Beach weddings are possible on any budget. If your budget is small, you will just have a smaller wedding and vice-versa.

Exploring Different Beaches

Technology has made exploring and researching different locations done fast. Once you have determined what country you would like to have the wedding in, explore the many beach services the country offers. Doing general internet searches and finding out which beaches offer the best wedding services will allow you to see the available options. Search pictures and testimonials from those who have used the beach for a wedding before. What you learn from others who have shared similar experience can be very beneficial in planning the perfect event.

Think Small about the Guest List

It helps a lot not only to have a more intimate experience with the people you love and cherish. It also allows you to spend more of your time and money on issues most important to you, be it the wedding cake, wedding dress or even the honeymoon vacation plans.

Limit the Open Bar

Let's face it; everyone tends to drink more than they should when they know the alcohol is free.

Therefore, limit the pre-reception cocktail hour and during the actual wedding reception, serve only wine and beer. But if you don't want your guest to think you cheaply of you, try and put a limit to the selection, by adding a few cost-friendly tropical cocktail. Since it’s a beach wedding, it doesn't get more exciting than a tropical flavor cocktail with an umbrella on top.

Make sure the cocktail you've chosen goes with the primary color of your wedding and declare them your "signature" drinks. This not only ensures you don't end up getting expensive beverages for everyone in the wedding party, you can also add pizzazz and ambiance towards the occasion.

These tips can be very helpful in planning a beach wedding. It is recommended that you start the plans early enough. It is now easier than ever to make your beach wedding dreams a reality. Set a budget; explore the different beaches they offer, chose a beach and spend less. Once you pick a beach for your wedding, leave the rest in the hands of the wedding planner. Your wedding can be a success with very little effort.