Having a wedding on the beach, like the Gulf Shores Beach Weddings, can prove to be very convenient and romantic, after you consider all the advantages on paper.  If you’re unsure if your wedding plans will fit a beach setting, look at some of these benefits:

More Committed Guests

There is a small possibility that you won’t receive as many guests and/or family if you hold your wedding on a beach, especially if it is an out of town destination.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you’ll be left with those who truly want to experience you big milestone of your life together.

Incentive for Vacationers

You can plan your wedding into an intimate getaway for everyone who is invited.  This includes bulk discount rates on airfare, hotels, rentals, tours, and restaurants.  If you have family members who have been holding out on a family vacation, there’s no better way to spend it together than on your wedding and subsequent honeymoon!

Saving Big while having Fun

Speaking of your honeymoon, having your wedding at the beach presents the best opportunity celebrate your marriage, while saving lots of money.  Not only do you save money on not having to plan a separate trip, but many hotels and travel agencies offer specials for newlyweds who are wanting to extend their stays on the beach.

Beach weddings are affordable all-around, from needing less investments and planning for décor, potential for cheaper food (if sourced locally), and more casual planning for bridesmaid dresses and suits.  If everybody attends in polo shirts and khakis, they’ll save a ton of money forgoing the suit/dress.

Start planning for your beach wedding destination now, so that you can catch the best deals on all-inclusive packages for you and your family.  This means less actual planning for you on your wedding day and more time spent enjoying the moment with your spouse and loved ones.