It’s a new year and for many beaus and belles, 2017 will mark a new beginning of your journey as a married couple!

At Your Dream Beach Wedding, we love staying ahead of the pack. We have unearthed the top two wedding trends for 2017.  While many brides-to-be love theming their wedding according to an era such as vintage or a setting such as a garden affair, there are two trends that will complement your ideal beach wedding perfectly.  They are timeless, sophisticated and spirited. Check them out and be inspired!

1.     Color Wedding – Magical Marsala

Theming your wedding by color is not a new phenomenon. Choosing marsala (a rich red shade) as your go-to-color is guaranteed to wow and warm your guests.  You can add pops of deep marsala magic in a mixed centerpiece of flowers, extend it to table linen and glass wear, highlight it on wedding stationary or have hues of marsala hidden in your hair.  Marsala works best paired with amber, gorgeous golden yellows and neutral browns. Experiment with fusing it with turquoise, teal, or vibrant blues for surprising color combinations that will give your guests an experience they will remember forever.

2.    The Asymmetrical Edge

Greenery wedding ideas will be continuously popular in 2017.  While we all know that symmetry can be beautiful, there is something equally intriguing about ‘asymmetry’.  Asymmetrical flower bouquets and arrangements will be popping up at weddings all over the country this year.  Looking fancy and complicated, asymmetrical arrangements truly are works of art.  What we love most about adding an asymmetrical edge to your wedding is that we don’t have to worry about making a mistake because this type of arrangement is very free-flowing, which will hopefully extend to your energy on the day as well.  We think asymmetrical bouquets are perfectly imperfect and we know you will love them too!

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