Secret Sunrise Celebration

Shhh! Away from the bustle of afternoons or elegant evenings is a beautiful time of day – morning. There is something magical about mornings. Whether you are a morning person or not, few could debate the blissful beauty of being outdoors in the early hours of a new day.  The stillness. A subtle breeze on your cheeks.  Stretches of illuminated white sand.  A backdrop of rolling sun-kissed waves.  At this time of day our beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches seem heavenly, like something from another place. 

Morning weddings have become a popular choice for many couples as it is very quiet and there are not many people out and about. Why not share a special breakfast champagne at sunrise? What could be more beautiful than the stunning silhouette of you and your loved one with the rising sun behind you.  It’s a new day and the perfect time to start your new life together.  Even if you are not normally a morning person, the gorgeous sights of the Gulf Coast Beaches are guaranteed to have you bouncing out of bed on your big day.  We promise!

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